Monday, July 28, 2014

Maine 2014-Portland Head Lighthouse, Lobster Roll Food Truck, Headed Home

Tuesday, July 9 we headed back home to Houston. We left the cottage that morning and drove to Portland early to make a special stop before our flight.

We came into Fort Williams Park and our first stop was a famous lobster roll food truck. The view was so pretty!!

We had a picnic lunch (on picnic tables, they were just sitting on this rock wall snacking on blueberries first)

Such a pretty view!

I was first in line when they opened lol My first lobster roll! This food truck is going to be on some food truck show in October (along with a popular Houston food truck in the same episode)

Picnic style lobster roll with coleslaw and Maine root beer! Perfect Maine lunch!

Then we walked down to the lighthouse! So beautiful! No wonder it's the most photographed lighthouse in the world.

This creepy, neat looking lighthouse in the distance.

Some nice folks took our family photo for us!

Can't get over how pretty it is there.

Memorial for WWII

That's a BIG lighthouse!

Remy was hugging the bell for some reason lol

Something's wrong with this picture?

That's more like it!

There were actual pieces from Civil War on display in the park too. It was so beautiful there. We definitely want to go back next year and stay in the park longer (and have another lobster roll for me hehe)

On our first flight back home, Remy fell asleep. We had to change planes in Baltimore and Mimi and Gaga (who flew out of Manchester, not Portland like we did) ended up on our same flight to Houston!

We got home about midnight that night and after Remy's bath she didn't miss a beat. Jumped right back into her usual routine of dress-up right away! It was such a good trip, as usual. We can't wait to go back next year!

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