Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maine 2014-Marshall Point Lighthouse & Fireworks in Wiscasset

I'm falling behind on blogging! We're just really busy right now doing our Summer things and potty training Remy! Remy and I both had colds last week too. I'm trying to catch up now!

Saturday, July 5 we drove out to the Marshall Point Lighthouse! We'd never seen a different lighthouse from our usual Pemaquid Point one, so the girls were thrilled! David was even more thrilled because scenes from "Forrest Gump" were filmed here!

They had a notebook with photos from the filming days and letters from the studio.

The girls liked throwing rocks in the water.

It was super windy and chilly this day!

Taking a break with her Mimi.

Mimi and Gaga

Rylie wrote this that afternoon about her visit to Rockland's lighthouse. It says "At the lighthouse, we saw a bridge but we can not go in the lighthouse. Only workers. We climbed the rocks instead but it was fun. Then I fell asleep in the car."

After naps, we packed dinner set up a picnic in the neighbor town of Wiscasset to watch their firework show.

Yummy hot dogs and pasta salad!

Rylie was so cute with her LeapPad, taking video of everything. She made her own video of the fireworks show!

Remster blowing bubbles before the show started!

Our crew after the show! Remy was so cute during the fireworks. She couldn't even look at them. She buried her face in Mimi's shoulder (didn't want Mommy!) and just kinda breathed heavily until it was over. lol She talked it up all big before it started though that she wasn't going to cry! Such a big girl. Next year she'll really enjoy them I think!

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