Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Maine 2014-LL Bean, Outlet mall, more swinging, Mimi's gift

Tuesday, July 1 we all went to a great outlet mall in Freeport, ME.

And we visited the anchor to Maine, LL Bean!! This is the original store that opened in 1912!

It's basically its own mall with all the departments. It's huge!

Treated the girls to some lobster lollipops while we shopped. And David flew out that morning (after some crisis of his 6am flight being cancelled and having to drive from one airport to another and switching airlines. But he finally made it and met us out there.)

After Remy's nap, we hung around the house some more.

More swinging!

That night we gave Mimi her birthday gift (she flew out on her birthday, just days before we arrived up there)

I spent quite some time making her a Maine scrapbook of all our trips up there, so she can keep it at the cottage and show other guests and look back on the girls growing up each year on our visits.

Very special memories!!

Another fun day in Maine!

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Grandma said...

Love the giant boot in front of LL Bean. Those "lobster" suckers looked good girls. Did you bring grandma back one.