Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maine 2014-Lighthouse Breakfast

Thursday, July 3rd we had breakfast at The Seagull Shop next to our lighthouse.

They gave the girls coloring books while we waited.

She was busy!

I love her look here. She was telling Mimi and Gaga something!

Class clown

Peek a boo!

After our yummy blueberry pancakes/french toast, we headed to the lighthouse!

It was SO FOGGY this day so I had to edit these photos A LOT!

Sweet hugs!

Mimi and Gaga with their girls!

We forgot to take a family pictures last year so I'm glad to have one from this trip!

The lighthouse "house" and all!

Rylie asked me to take her picture here (she chose the deadest looking flowers out of all the beautiful array of flowers, but still a cute photo!)

Then Remy said "my turn!" Can't argue with that!

Playing "carousel" with Gaga!

My favorite. Had to edit this A LOT and it's still far from perfect. But I love this. The reflection is NOT photoshopped! I waited so long for people to move and not be in this picture lol


Rylie went up inside the lighthouse with Daddy this year!

So much fun at the lighthouse! Remy really got into it this year. She wanted to go inside but we distracted her while Rylie went up. Remy still has a few years' of growing to do before she can make the climb. And random, but Rylie got a patch for her Girl Scout vest for visiting the lighthouse! It's a "friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse" patch, so she's excited about that!

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