Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Maine 2014-The Fort

Wednesday, July 2nd The girls dressed in their lobster attire!

Remy's cute lobster outfit only came in "baby girl" sizes :( I'm so bummed Rylie's outgrown that stage.

So my friend Erin and her new business Mom E Time Creations made this shirt for Rylie! You can check her out on FB for more creations she's made.

We took the girls to a cool fort near Mimi and Gaga's house. They were able to run around a lot there too!

Beautiful views! The island in the middle is "John Smith Island" where Cpt John Smith himself (from Pocahontas) arrived!

The Fort is really cool!

History of it

We went up the stairs inside and stood on the roof

Beautiful view up there!

Rylie and her Gaga discussing all the islands out there

Cool, creepy looking house on an island

Remnants of the original fort from over 100 years ago!

Inside the fort

Then we all ran over to the Fort museum. Remy's like "wait up guys!" lol

Arrowheads are so neat to me!

This was a really neat story about this box found in a shipwreck and it's still in amazing condition for being so old and surviving a shipwreck!

Mockup of the Mayflower

Really pretty and OLD cemetery by the fort. Oldest headstone there dates back to 1700's but it's believed the cemetery's been there much earlier before then.

Pretty cool visit at the fort!

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