Friday, July 25, 2014

Maine 2014-Bunk beds, Tire swing, Wagon, Date Night, Playground

We're almost to the end of the Maine Trip blogs! Hehe

One of the most exciting things to the girls on this trip were new bunk beds in their room!

Rylie pretending to be asleep on top

Remy really was asleep on bottom! And she had her baby doll "Carol" from Mimi's house with her on the trip. Carol went everywhere with us by the way!

Sometimes Remy wanted to lay in Rylie's bed.

They wanted to sleep together a few nights. Rylie climbed down and got in bed with Remy one night.

Sunday, July 7 after the beach, Gaga put up a new tire swing for the girls!

Both girls loved it!

Monday, July 8 we were getting ready to go home the next day and doing laundry and cleaning so we hung around the house mostly.

Gaga took the girls on a wagon ride!

I loved Rylie's new outfit so I wanted some good photos of her in it!

My pretty girl!

That night, David and I had our date night. Coincidentally, it was exactly 1 year to the day when we took ours last year!

Yum crab cakes appetizer! Thank goodness we ordered this because it was another 40 minutes before our food arrived!

Worth the wait tho! Gumbo for David and grilled snapper for me! I cleared my plate!

This was where our date was, Newcastle Publick House in Damariscotta

We drove by where we usually watch the fireworks and turned out even without the hurricane we wouldn't have been able to go there this year. They're paving paradise and putting in something! There were private property signs all over and construction equipment. :(

While we were on our date, Mimi and Gaga took the girls to a nearby playground

They had so much fun!!

Just one more Maine post left!

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