Thursday, July 3, 2014

LIbrary, Frozen Castle Prize, Girl Scout training, and other fun

Time for another cell phone dump!

We've gone to the library a bunch already. Rylie loves it. Remy just loves hiding from Mommy and pulling book after book off the shelf for no reason. I was trying to find her one time and came around the corner to this.....

Being perfectly good! She has her moments ;-)

She loves this little ratty lion so much!! It's like how Rylie's kitty was to her at this age.

Rylie got a special prize for accomplishing a special goal recently!!! We're so excited for her!

We walked to the gas station and got ice cream treats after nap one day. Then the girls played in their little house with their sticky fingers until bath time!

Another day we trekked to the library, Rylie asked to bring her American Girl doll, Saige. Remy LOVES Saige but isn't allowed to play with her. She wanted to hold Saige's hand tho walking in and this is a bad photo but they looked so cute each holding Saige's hand.

If Remy finds a Caillou book, it's a good day!! Hehe! I went ahead and signed her up for the reading program too since she's been checking out and reading books as much as Rylie. It's good practice for her and she loves it.

While Remy was in school on a Thur we had lunch with our friends! Shhh! Don't tell Remy!

My Girl Scout troop co-leader and I are already preparing for next year! We had an all-day training last Saturday where we spent 9 hours in various sessions! It was very informative, but a bit of an overload!

I got tickled at the restroom sign at the program headquarters. Even she represents Girl Scouts with a sash!

Last week Rylie had a really bad bite on her leg. I was 99% sure it was a brown recluse spider bite. I took her to the Dr first thing in the morning and it turned out to be staph infection! Turns out it just lives on everyone's skin and can randomly get an infection. I've also heard cases are high right now from public pools. We haven't been swimming so no clue how she got this. The meds were no joke tho! Thankfully she recovered very quickly!

Speaking of Girl Scouts earlier, our troop made the first page in the council magazine!

I finally finished putting on all her patches and got her name embroidered.

I sewed these on the back by hand mostly and last few by machine.

This little girl thought she was so stylin the other day with her tutu worn like a dress. She held her hands up like a "tada" moment and said "take picture!" How could I not?

I hosted a very successful Jamberry party for my friend Laurie and got a lot of sheets from it. My girls sported very cute patriotic nails from them!

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