Sunday, June 15, 2014

Swimming Kick-Off Party, VBS #1, Dressup

Last Saturday I took Rylie to our community Summer kick-off party for our 1st swim!

Lazy days of Summer are upon us!

The cow was there and they had a dance party too

We had to stop in the foam pit before leaving

So much fun!!

We had some yummy catfish Sunday and these girls now beg to sit by each other in restaurants. They kept being sweet and giving hugs. Glad I caught this photo of them.

Rylie did her 1st VBS this week at our church.

She had a great time and 3 of her Girl Scout buddies in her troop were in her class too!

We've had a lot of fun playing with Mommy while sister did Bible school. This is her go-to dressup outfit everyday-2 tutus, heels, headband, gloves.

Cutie pie!

She is definitely Rylie's sister!

Rylie wanted to dress up too and they took turns "doing concerts" for me.

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