Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rylie's School Lunch Visit and David's Birthday

The day before the last day of school, Remy and I brought lunch to Rylie at school! 

We bought her sonic corndog meal with a slushie because all the other places to get lunch were only serving breakfast at 10am! Ha!

Remy was SO excited to go see Rylie at her school!

Cutest picture of the girls, finally with a big, real Remy smile!!!

After Rylie's school lunch, Remy and I went to the Dollar store and Remy picked out this hat all by herself. Couldn't resist that :)

It was also David's birthday!

Remy picked out cupcakes for after dinner

We took David to his favorite restaurant, Denny's for dinner. lol Thankfully their building his favorite mexican restaurant Los Cucos down the street so next year I'm sure that'll be his pick!

The girls and I got him some cooking items, a new apron, and cookbook.

Blurry but sweet photo of David and his girls. 

Happy Birthday, David!

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