Friday, June 13, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten!!

I can't believe how fast this year flew by! Seems like yesterday I was crying and hyperventilating about Rylie starting Kindergarten. Now it's already over.

Rylie and her teacher on the first day and last day of school. Rylie grew taller this year, you can see by her shirt. I didn't realize Rylie's eyes were closed in the 2nd photo until I uploaded it just now. It was bright that day!!

We gave her teacher a gift basket of all things BLUE, since Rylie will have a blue Summer without her teacher. And all the items are "Summer survival" things like swim towel, sunblock, chocolates, nuts, travel water cup, lip balm, paradise scented body wash and lotion from Bath & Body, beach scented candle from Bath & Body, and giftcards to Bahama Bucks that just opened here for some good snow cones!

I also surprised both girls after picking up Rylie with some fun things to celebrate Summer kick off!! Frozen tshirts, new plates for lunches at home, "Last Day Blues" book, water goggles, water pail, hair clips, and Frozen blanket (for slumber parties in the living room).

They were so excited when we got home, they both had to change into their Frozen shirts asap!! And Rylie LOVES her new pink lunch tray. I wouldn't let her be a "buyer" at all this year, although she desperately wanted to experience going through the line, putting in her code number, and carrying her lunch on a tray. It fascinated her for some reason. So now she can be a "buyer" all Summer with her tray!

Our local library had a Summer kick off event that afternoon. The first kids to arrive could make their own book bag, so I let Rylie do that. Remy played with some puzzles.

Rylie's bag front and back all finished! And we signed up and got started on the reading program again! This year she can read the books all by herself!

That night our church had a free concert so Rylie and I had a girls night. We got our picture with the band first.

The group is Loftland and we love their music!

Started the smoke machine! She's ready to dance!

Me and my big girl (she told everyone there she's in 1st grade now!)

We were really close up front!

Swaying her arms, gettin into it :)

The band was really good!

Then the firemen showed up because the smoke set off the alarm inside. HILARIOUS story-the night before the concert the guys were staying at a lady from the church's house. She showed them how to set the alarm and went to bed. One of the guys went out to their truck, came back in, and thought he'd turned the alarm off. Then the alarm started going off and the phone rang. The alarm company called and asked if they were the owner and the guy answered and said "No, we're visitors. We're just here for  1 night." So the alarm company hung up and the guys though they were good, then the police showed up banging on the door yelling to open it. The band guys were like "No, we can't" because it was double-key lock. So they all were almost arrested the night before. Then they have the fire truck show up at the concert. Basically they made quite an impression on our small little town!

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