Monday, June 9, 2014

Cell Phone Dump

Last Sunday, June 1st Rylie made this prayer calendar in Sunday School.

She wrote in the names all by herself (except I added a last name to one of them so we'd know who it was since the spelling was quite off!) She has the sweetest heart. She's kept this by her bed and prays for each person on their day without fail.

Rylie and I have discovered Jamberry nails! Have you heard of them? They're pretty cool nail wraps that don't chip or come off and they're super easy to put on.

Remy and her obsession with gloves.....I left my cleaning gloves and duster out in my bathroom one day and when I came out of the shower I found her like this.

Dusting my door!

Cutest lil house cleaner!

(heart bursting)
This photo shows Remy's 2 greatest loves, Rylie and ketchup (on her cheek)

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