Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer's Coming!

I forgot to post this before, but last week I took this picture of Remy. 

We've been going out a little more lately and the girls LOVE sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Remy was drawing this rainbow all by herself and playing in the bubbles and looked so cute!

Monday afternoon I took both girls to the splash pad for the first time this year, which may have very well been the first time ever for them. They were so excited, jumping up and down squealing!

Poor Remy's bigger than sister was and this swimsuit is way too tight on her. Gonna have to dig out the size 4 suits to find one that fits for this Summer!

This girl cracked me up with the frog. She kinda stumbled getting off of it and said "Are you ok froggy?" Then she kept talking to it and said "Come on froggy, follow me" as if she had no one else to play with her!

Yeah, that's gross I know. Gotta build up an immune system, right? ;-)

Oh we also saw a snake at the splash pad! Kinda long too. I looked it up with our resident snake guy in the community and it's a buttermilk racer. Non venomous and usually very timid around people, but this one mosied on along and finally a dad who was there led it to the woods nearby.

Dry off time! Love Remy's expression here.

Fun first day breaking out the swim suits!

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