Friday, May 9, 2014

Rylie's Last Dance Recital

After David got well from his bout with strep throat, I got sick with it again last week! I had to miss leading a Girl Scout meeting and missed my last MOPS meeting for the year :(
Rylie had her very last dance recital last Friday night and I managed to drag myself there (with Dr's ok) to see her perform then come back home.

Rylie is completely burned out on dance. It started back in Nov/Dec actually and she begged to quit after the holidays, but I had already paid for her costume and recital fee so I made her finish the year. It's probably my fault she's burned out.  When they're little, they don't really place you in class based on experience. It's done by age/grade and anybody can join for the first time, so they do the same basic moves and after 4 years, she's completely over it. In order to advance, we'd have to join the competitive team which means numerous hours at the studio, tons more money in extra costumes, practice clothes, and a few competitions a year. No thank you! 

So this was her final dance recital to end her 4 years in dance!

Arrived and ready to go!

Mimi and Gaga came to see our girl too

Little sister was so cute! She sat by me so good and kept saying "See Rylie dance? Where Rylie?" After every performance that went before Rylie, she kept saying "Ok! Rylie turn!"

Rylie's class's turn!

She always jumps super high!

I teared up the entire time she was dancing. Can't believe it was her last recital. I remember being SO nervous for her first recital and packing all this extra stuff and arriving super early and afraid she'd rip a hole in her tights, etc. This year she dressed herself, I threw her hair up, put a little makeup on and we left bringing nothing with us lol 

Seeing our girl after performances!

David bought these flowers for Rylie

Rylie was so burned out on dance, she refused to do photos so I took my own at her recital

Little tot wanted to hold the flowers like Rylie!

Our little family

Mimi and Gaga with their girls

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