Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rylie's Field Day, Remy's Parent Brunch (and week of)

So after I was sick (again) with strep at the start of May, Rylie then got a random virus that following week that kept her out of school Mon-Wed.

So we chilled at home for Cinco de Mayo. I couldn't take Remy to gymnastics since Rylie was home sick. I tried making taco salad shells using the bottom of a muffin pan like I'd seen on pinterest, but my tortillas were too big or something.

 Rylie and I played while Remy was in school Tuesday. She did her new Frozen puzzle, snuggled with her new Olaf, tried the new nail polish "Easter bunny" brought her, and we opened the huge box of Play Doh my mom gave them for Easter.

Thankfully, Rylie had no fever on Wed so she returned to school Thur (May 8) for her field day!

She had a lot of fun and wore herself out! She especially loved having the picnic with her friends at the end. Glad I could make it to her first field day, but I was bummed it took place at the same time as Remy's school Parent Brunch. Thankfully David could attend that with her and he got 1 cute picture of them.

Last week was also Teacher Appreciation week so we sent them some goodies.

Cant believe the school year's coming to an end!

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