Thursday, May 8, 2014

Remy's Open House

After Easter, David ended up with strep throat too! He was on his death bed for 2 days and I toted both girls with me everywhere. Thursday, April 24 after Rylie's Girl Scout meeting we had Remy's Open House at her little preschool.

The kids made this beautiful finger painted rainbow! They also had their lima bean plants and pet rocks on display.

She showed me her class ladybug farm (they released them the following week).

They had sensor stations set up too. Who knew taping bubble wrap to the floor would be SO ENTERTAINING?!

They loved it!

Sensory gel bags Remy loved

Her classroom cute display.

She just loves this little preschool and I'm so glad! She sings her songs from chapel at home all the time and says the same prayer at bedtime. She's done so well there. I remember thinking about signing her up last year and worried they'd charge me double for the stinker she is, but she's really good at school. Her teacher said they never have to ask her twice to do something, she listens so well, and never even talks until after naptime. That's hilarious to me! I'm so so thankful for this sweet class and that she's having a blast there!

Before we left Rylie wanted to visit her old class and teacher. Bittersweet for me! ;(

Friday we had a MOPS Girls Night Out. I had organized this one at a local karate school. They gave us a free self-defense class! It was very educating! We all got to practice some techniques they taught us. It's just so important to have some basic knowledge/skills in the event something ever happens. So great of them to offer this to women at no charge too!

Saturday David and the girls ran to Lowe's and came back with a surprise for me. The girls even helped David plant this in the pot. They were so proud and he took some pictures for me. Everyday we come home, everyone checks on the "Mommy" plant. Hehe!

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