Monday, May 19, 2014

Remy 2 1/2 Years Old Updates

She's really 2 years and 8 months old now, but I need to write these down before I forget!

She finally got some good school pictures a week ago! I had to go up there and help.

She loves shirts with pockets! Every morning she asks me "you got pocket on your shirt mommy?" She was thrilled to get her own shirt with a pocket!

Still loves stealing everyone's shoes. Oh my, I cannot take both girls shoe shopping together. Because Remy will just want the exact shoes Rylie's getting, even though they don't make them in her size. She loves her new purple ones!

Loves her "night night" still. Her little entourage lately is "night night and lion" when we're around the house. At bedtime she also wants "baby, moosey, key key (kitty), and bunny." She's always talking to her lion and giving him eskimo kisses. One day she was eating lunch and said "no lion. don't eat my sandwich." Then she got up and moved him somewhere else. She puts him in timeout and to bed too.

Loves suckers!!

She has really started the "dressup" business lately! It's usually upside down crown, dressup high heels, and purse or gloves. She's obsessed with "gwuvs"

We see this often at our house. She's determined to get into things she shouldn't be! She can climb up to the kitchen counter without a chair too. 

She's started playing with these Strawberry Shortcake dolls and also these small Frozen dolls. Her favorite things to watch are Strawberry Shortcake, The Lion King, and Frozen. She sings songs from these all  the time (not gonna lie, the Frozen ones she sings are the cutest!)

When someone gets up from their seat, she races to it saying "I gonna steal your seat" and she sits there grinning at the person.

Every  morning for breakfast she asks for a "bis-kick." She doesn't want waffles anymore. And her favorite fruit is raspberry now.

Every night she wants a "baf." She hates when we put her to bed without one and do it in the morning. She loves her "bafs." She also wants to lay with Rylie. She wants a big girl bed like Rylie's. She's always sneaking in there and tucking herself in Rylie's bed.

She tells me sometimes "You makin me cwazy" because I've said to her at times "Remy, you're making me crazy" when she's not listening. She says it to me when I'm telling her to do something she doesn't want to do.

She has a lot of interest in potty-training but I'm waiting for her school to get out next week to go full force on it. Panties, here we come!

Other stats at the moment are:
Clothes-size 3
Shoes-size 9-9 1/2
Diapers-size 5
Sleep-Wakeup about 8am, naps about 2-3 hours, bedtime between 7:30-8pm

She knows ABC's, counts to 12, knows all her body parts, knows the sounds of cows, birds, horses, lions, elephants, dogs, and cats, knows circle, square, and star shapes, knows all her colors.

That's all I can think of right now!

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