Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

I had a sweet Mother's Day with my babies. They brought home some cute gifts they made at school. Basically I cried all weekend at the sweetness of being a mommy :)


(I forgot to take a photo of her handprint with a poem they did too)

They handed these out at church

Sweet cards and massage gift card from my family

I love what Rylie wrote inside her card :)

The girls had matching "I have a super mom" shirts and looked so cute in them!

My sugars!

Love them!

My mother in law gave me some pretty roses too. We had lunch at her house where David, Craig, and Daniel cooked lunch for all of us (and cleaned up too!)

This was a gift set we put together for Mimi. The rolled up papers are some questions the girls answered about Mimi. Remy's especially were hilarious :)

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