Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Gymnastics Class

Monday was Remy's last class in her 'nastics!

She was really hyper and excited that both Mommy and Daddy came so I could get some good pictures.


This photo just cracks me up how she landed

They all did their obstacles then asked if any kids wanted to do something by themselves to show all the parents...

Remy did a forward roll (somersault) by herself for everyone

Then they moved to bars

Walking up the mat by herself

"I got this"

I barely caught this, she was hanging on this bar and pulled herself up to a chin up then David swung her forward. The arm muscle on that girl!

Balance beam time!

At the end, they did a little award ceremony

They had this cute stage set up

Remy got her first medal!


She LOVES Miss Jennifer! I'll have to make sure she stays with these teachers in the Fall!

She loves her new "necklace" too!

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