Friday, May 16, 2014

Fish Place and Ice Cream

We had some errands to run last weekend since we'd been cooped up for a long time trading sicknesses. We tried a new place my friend recommended. Best fried catfish! So good!

Remy was just being so cute drinking her water. She looked more grown up that day too. 

And after running more errands, Daddy treated the girls to some ice cream!

Remy was so cute. I held her up and showed her the flavors and asked which one she wanted. She said "yellow." So she sampled the lemon and shook her head no right away. Then I saw strawberry and she tasted it and shook her head yes right away. She sat so good and ate every bit of her little scoop of strawberry ice cream!

Rylie got chocolate peanut butter in a cone and loved it too!

For the record, I tried Baskin Robbins "Flavor of the month" called "Moms Making Cookies" OH. MY. WORD. I wish they'd sell that in a pint, although it's probably best they dont! lol

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