Monday, May 19, 2014

End of Girl Scouts

Last week our Girl Scouts Community group held a dinner for leaders.

They had a cute setup and auction. We took home an art kit and stamp set for our troop.

Then Saturday was our troop's End of Year party. The girls brought dues to each meeting to pay for their party. They voted on ceramic painting for the activity.

I made and cut out a stencil of the Daisy flower and Rylie painted it on a square tile.

Then we all walked over to McDonalds for lunch

I picked up Walmart cupcakes and made cupcake toppers 

We walked to a park nearby and the girls ate the cupcakes while we handed out some prizes from cookie sales

She was so proud of her patches!

Sunday we had the Bridging/Awards ceremony to end the year. A lot of planning and work went into this. I wish it had turned out like planned, but it was still ok. First off, we had TWO cookie/baking companies screw us over and the morning of the ceremony we had no Daisy cookies. My coleader thankfully thought of Great American Cookie company in the mall and picked up our Daisy cookie just in the nick of time!

The girls started off with the pledge

Then the Promise and Law

Then they received their awards. We have a split troop which means we have both 1st grade and Kindergarten Daisies. So the 1st graders were bridging up to Brownies. The ceremony was for all the girls though, not just the bridging ones.

The younger girls got a certificate and Daisy flower to represent them returning as Daisies next year (and so they wouldn't feel left out getting nothing while the older girls received their bridging patch and certificate).

My little Daisy, now a 2nd level one

I went through more trouble than I needed to trying to make a rainbow out of plastic tablecloths for the bridge. This is all I could get to turn out and the wind was not helping that day. Then we realized when the girls stood on the bridge, we could barely see their eyes because they're shorter than I thought! lol So we had them stand in front for a group picture. The girls without vests move up to Brownies. Only 3 remain Daisies and 1 of them is moving so I'll only have 2 Daisies next year.

Me and my Daisy and Tagalong

So proud of my girl! She's really enjoyed Girl Scouts this past year. I really enjoyed being a leader, but I'm not going to kill myself with it next year. I put too much time and effort into some of it and cared too much really. I'm very glad for a break from leader duties this Summer! Hopefully next year will be a smooth one with split level Girl Scouts in the same troop!

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