Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

Tomorrow is 10 years to the day I enlisted in the US Navy.

I enlisted the day before my high school graduation. I didn't even tell anyone. I rode up to Dallas MEPS with my recruiter. I remember telling my dad I was spending the night with my friend and he asked if I was really spending the night or going partying since it was the last day of school. I had honestly forgotten it was the last day of school at the time. I remember thinking how weird that was. But no I rode up to Dallas and they put me in a hotel and I went through my physical exams and was sworn in with a chosen career as "Master at Arms" in the US Navy (basically military police). I shipped out to training just a month after graduating and unfortunately didn't complete it due to an injury. I don't consider myself a veteran, but that whole experience gave me a more personal look at our Nation's Armed Forces. I remember coming home from training in Illinois and seeing all the yellow ribbon magnets on car bumpers. I hadn't noticed them before. It just became more personal, like for a moment I was one of the people the yellow ribbons were "thanking." This was only a few years after 9/11 so patriotism was still at a great high. I couldn't have been more proud of our country.

I love Memorial Day. I grew up in a military family with  mom and dad in the Air Force, brother in the Army, and both grandparents serving in Korean War and World War II. I never take for granted what the Armed Forces does for our country. I never want my girls to take them for granted either. We are a very blessed country and freedom isn't free. I thank you all, Armed Forces past and present for giving us our freedom.


The girls spend this long weekend break with Mimi and Gaga and according to the phone conversation with Rylie, they had "SO MUCH FUN."

They came home Monday and we all cooked out and played inside while it rained all day.

I loved dressing them in red, white, and blue. Rylie told me before the necklace "I dont have enough red on." lol Girl after my own heart. I let her wear one of my necklaces.

Love these sweet girls and I hope they always know what a great country we live in, thanks to our military services.

We also made homemade ice cream and this wonderful Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake. Seriously, go make this right now. You'll thank me later ;-)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer's Coming!

I forgot to post this before, but last week I took this picture of Remy. 

We've been going out a little more lately and the girls LOVE sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Remy was drawing this rainbow all by herself and playing in the bubbles and looked so cute!

Monday afternoon I took both girls to the splash pad for the first time this year, which may have very well been the first time ever for them. They were so excited, jumping up and down squealing!

Poor Remy's bigger than sister was and this swimsuit is way too tight on her. Gonna have to dig out the size 4 suits to find one that fits for this Summer!

This girl cracked me up with the frog. She kinda stumbled getting off of it and said "Are you ok froggy?" Then she kept talking to it and said "Come on froggy, follow me" as if she had no one else to play with her!

Yeah, that's gross I know. Gotta build up an immune system, right? ;-)

Oh we also saw a snake at the splash pad! Kinda long too. I looked it up with our resident snake guy in the community and it's a buttermilk racer. Non venomous and usually very timid around people, but this one mosied on along and finally a dad who was there led it to the woods nearby.

Dry off time! Love Remy's expression here.

Fun first day breaking out the swim suits!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Gymnastics Class

Monday was Remy's last class in her 'nastics!

She was really hyper and excited that both Mommy and Daddy came so I could get some good pictures.


This photo just cracks me up how she landed

They all did their obstacles then asked if any kids wanted to do something by themselves to show all the parents...

Remy did a forward roll (somersault) by herself for everyone

Then they moved to bars

Walking up the mat by herself

"I got this"

I barely caught this, she was hanging on this bar and pulled herself up to a chin up then David swung her forward. The arm muscle on that girl!

Balance beam time!

At the end, they did a little award ceremony

They had this cute stage set up

Remy got her first medal!


She LOVES Miss Jennifer! I'll have to make sure she stays with these teachers in the Fall!

She loves her new "necklace" too!

Monday, May 19, 2014

End of Girl Scouts

Last week our Girl Scouts Community group held a dinner for leaders.

They had a cute setup and auction. We took home an art kit and stamp set for our troop.

Then Saturday was our troop's End of Year party. The girls brought dues to each meeting to pay for their party. They voted on ceramic painting for the activity.

I made and cut out a stencil of the Daisy flower and Rylie painted it on a square tile.

Then we all walked over to McDonalds for lunch

I picked up Walmart cupcakes and made cupcake toppers 

We walked to a park nearby and the girls ate the cupcakes while we handed out some prizes from cookie sales

She was so proud of her patches!

Sunday we had the Bridging/Awards ceremony to end the year. A lot of planning and work went into this. I wish it had turned out like planned, but it was still ok. First off, we had TWO cookie/baking companies screw us over and the morning of the ceremony we had no Daisy cookies. My coleader thankfully thought of Great American Cookie company in the mall and picked up our Daisy cookie just in the nick of time!

The girls started off with the pledge

Then the Promise and Law

Then they received their awards. We have a split troop which means we have both 1st grade and Kindergarten Daisies. So the 1st graders were bridging up to Brownies. The ceremony was for all the girls though, not just the bridging ones.

The younger girls got a certificate and Daisy flower to represent them returning as Daisies next year (and so they wouldn't feel left out getting nothing while the older girls received their bridging patch and certificate).

My little Daisy, now a 2nd level one

I went through more trouble than I needed to trying to make a rainbow out of plastic tablecloths for the bridge. This is all I could get to turn out and the wind was not helping that day. Then we realized when the girls stood on the bridge, we could barely see their eyes because they're shorter than I thought! lol So we had them stand in front for a group picture. The girls without vests move up to Brownies. Only 3 remain Daisies and 1 of them is moving so I'll only have 2 Daisies next year.

Me and my Daisy and Tagalong

So proud of my girl! She's really enjoyed Girl Scouts this past year. I really enjoyed being a leader, but I'm not going to kill myself with it next year. I put too much time and effort into some of it and cared too much really. I'm very glad for a break from leader duties this Summer! Hopefully next year will be a smooth one with split level Girl Scouts in the same troop!