Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend of Egg Hunts and more...

Friday, after a MOPS leadership meeting, Remy and I stopped by the post office. I was trying to keep her entertained while waiting in line and pulled out my cell camera. Apparently the way to get her to smile for a picture is to let her see herself! 

Friday night I had a fun birthday dinner with 9 other neighbor ladies. We celebrated 3 of them having birthdays in March. (late, I know)

Saturday morning was our community egg hunt!

The first photo depicts the girls' different personalities to a T!

Remy's age division was first so we just waited around for it to start.

Me and my (semi) happy girls!

Then the Easter bunny arrived to kick it off!

High five for bunny??

Not so much!

Someone was traumatized by the bunny.

Then it finally started.

She was mostly interested in opening the eggs and wanting the candy right away.

 But she still did good!

We thought we'd get a quick photo of the girls with the bunny since we havent made it out to the mall yet (if we ever do get out there).

Yeah.....probably not going to the mall bunny this year lol

Poor Remy!

Rylie's turn for the egg hunt!

Get 'em girl!

(she looks so tall in this photo, and look at those back leg muscles!)

She did really good!

Then we checked out all the fun activities we never get to do like the train ride!

Remy, Remy, 

Yay, there's 2 smiles!

Both girls were begging to do the bounce house! Remy said "I wanna jump! See the bounce house?" right when we arrived.

And she did her first pony ride! She was timid at first, then said she wanted to do it and loved it!

Big sister rode in front of her so Remy could watch Rylie and feel more secure.

Both girls smiling the whole time!

"I got this, Mom"

Then I let them go in the petting zoo.

They both loved the tiny pig and bunny!

We love seeing the Chick Fil-A cow! 
(And Mommy loved that he handed out free breakfast coupons!)

Making a quick craft before heading home.

Fun was had by all at our Easter Egg event!

We went to Mimi and Gaga's after naps and visited with them before they go out of town. Remy got to spend the night, so Rylie and I went to our church Sunday and they had a little Easter egg hunt after.

Ready to go!

She is such a fast runner lol

For some reason, a lot of the eggs popped open and most kids just ran through getting the candy and leaving the open eggs. Rylie went back and got all the empty eggs. She has really taken her Girl Scout lessons to heart and one part of the Girl Scout Law is "to make the world a better place." All weekend she's been cleaning up things saying "I'm making the world a better place!" (She wanted me to stop the car on the way to church so she could pick up the trash on the side of the road.)

Love this sweet girl! We had a fun Sunday morning together!

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