Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Visiting with Friends and Makeup Raid

Sunday afternoon our friends Mike and Kelly came over to visit. 

We ordered pizza and the girls loved playing with them!

They brought some yummy cupcakes too from a place we'd never been-Celebrity Cupcakes in Houston. That evening while visiting with them, I started feeling bad-couldn't breathe out of my nose suddenly and sneezing about 40 times (no joke).

Monday I woke up feeling awful and couldn't breathe and had no strength. Thankfully David could take Remy to gymnastics. (I thought I was over this allergy since we had a good rain to wash the pollen away!)

After gymnastics Remy got into my makeup drawer and tried to put mascara on!

Remind you of another little girl who used to get in mommy's makeup?

Except Rylie went for the lipstick lol

Speaking of being like sister, remember how obsessed Rylie was with "white shoes," those cheap flip flops she insisted on wearing everywhere including bed and even when she was sick?

She actually wore this first pair out so bad I had to throw them away and get another pair.

And now Remy loves that pair! She wore them all morning and really wanted to wear them to school but those shoes are not allowed. She's so cute and calls them "fwip fwops."

Watching "Lion King" before school today. I'm telling ya, everyday that movie is on. I even bought "Lion King 2" to have something different but it's not as good and doesnt hold her attention like the first one.

Pretty girl in a new (Rylie hand me down) Spring shirt and hair done looked like such a big girl today. And I can actually breathe through my nose again! 
(Did I mention how much I loathe Spring?)

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