Monday, April 21, 2014

(Stressful) Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend didn't go too well overall. It was one of those weekends where everything went wrong. I'll start with last Thursday.

Rylie got home from school and we were happy to kick off Easter weekend. Then we realized she'd left her teacher's Easter goody at home that morning.

(Remy's teachers got the same goody bags as well)

So I rushed her back to the school and her teacher was in a meeting so she left it on her desk. Then we came home and got ready for my mom to come visit. I felt very tired and worn out all day. My mom came in that night and I really started to not feel good and went to bed.

Friday morning I woke up (after not much sleep) with the worst sore throat ever. I was in so much pain and had body aches and was so eager to get to a Dr. David took me to the Walgreens clinic at 8am and after waiting what felt like eternity, I tested positive for strep throat. We got my prescription and went home where I spent all day in bed with an on/off fever and lots of pain! I seriously cannot believe Rylie had this twice this year already. I didnt realize how much pain she had been in with this. It was awful.

David and my mom played with the girls all day and took them to our church's Good Friday service. This day was supposed to be full of fun Easter crafts/cards I'd found on Pinterest and dying Easter eggs, but we didn't get to do either of those things all weekend.

Saturday I felt a little better and it'd been 24 hrs on meds so I wasn't contagious anymore. I'd planned to take the girls to this big egg hunt we've done before with petting zoo, face painting, inflatables, etc. Then my  neighbor said a church really close by was doing a helicopter candy drop. I looked it up and it didnt have more details or other activities listed. I thought that would be better for us since I still didn't have much energy, it didn't start as early in the morning at the other one, and it was closer to us. Rylie was excited to see the helicopter dropping candy too!

SOOOO as much as it makes me cringe to think back to this event, we chose the helicopter drop close by instead of the other egg hunt. Y'all, I've never known a church to be deceitful before this moment on Saturday. We pulled up to the church and this was on the building.


We walk inside and they said we had to fill out this paper and the kids get wristbands to divide them by ages for the candy drop. Then we didn't know where to go. There was nobody outside getting ready so we asked someone and they said we had to go through the auditorium to watch a video first and it'll have instructions on how the candy drop will work and kids are welcome to go play in the children's area. Heck no I'm not leaving my kids with you people that I don't know with 100 other kids I don't know. So we all went into the auditorium. 

Y'all, it was a church service! A Pentecostal church service! No offense to Pentecostals, y'all do your thing your way, we do ours our way. But I don't feel comfortable doing things yalls way. So don't lie and advertise an event FOR KIDS to get seats filled in your service. We couldn't just leave after being seated. Rylie would be devastated. She was looking forward to the helicopter candy drop we'd promised her. So instead of an easy outside activity where I wouldn't be too close to other people, we all sat in the auditorium and I had to tell everyone during "greet one another" I couldn't shake their hands because I've been sick. And the service ended up being an entire reenactment of Jesus' crucifixion. Remy cried as soon as the music started so David stepped out with her, but Rylie insisted she wanted to stay and watch and she did great. She knew the story and didn't cry or get scared. She knew it was all acting. So this "short" wait in the auditorium was an hour and a half! Then, finally, they told us to go outside to our age groups for the candy drop.

Rylie's age group wasn't by Remy's so David and my mom stayed with little one and I went with Rylie.

There were "prize eggs" hidden under the grass and Rylie got one. She got a Tinkerbell doll set she's excited about.

Grandma and the girls! Remy did ok too. She got a few suckers (of course). But there was a 10 yr old boy rampaging through the 0-2 age group as well and nobody working the event noticed apparently (um, didnt we get wristbands on our kids for this purpose?) It was pretty chaotic at that point. I'm just glad Rylie had a good time and Remy seemed to have a good time, but by now it was 1pm and the event that I thought would be easier for us to do to have some family fun this weekend turned out to be way more stressful than if we'd done the other egg hunt and activities. And it was past lunch and naptimes. We've learned our lesson for next year though! (I seriously will be very hesitant every time a business offers a family event from now on. So thankful OUR church is honest and trustworthy)

NEXT......Easter Sunday

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