Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we'd planned to attend the 9am service, but we were moving slowly that morning trying to get lunch items ready for later, cooking breakfast, etc. I had the girls' dresses (that I ordered months ago) all ready to go hanging in their closets with accessories already picked out.

So we started putting clothes on after doing the girls' hair and I was carefully putting Rylie's dress on her when the elastic on the top broke. The way the dress was made, it wouldn't have stayed on her without that elastic. My mom was already dresses, so she sat and worked on it while I got dressed and got Remy dressed. We were minutes from church starting. Finally we had to safety pin it and told Rylie not to move while at church (we were just joking with her, but really we didn't know how it would hold). We made it to church a little late and without taking pictures beforehand. After the service, we came home and set up the tripod for pictures immediately. Then I couldn't get my new remote to work on my camera so we wouldn't have to run back and forth. I fiddled with that for awhile and the girls were getting restless. Finally, I just said we'll have to run back and forth using the timer. Of course, Remy was NOT cooperating for pictures. We must've worked with her for a good 30 minutes at least before giving up and saying "that's all we're going to get." And I didn't even realize in all the craziness that we never even attempted photos with my mom!

David took this 1 photo of the girls while I was working on my camera remote and it turned out cute.

Then our family photo attempts.

Then trying to get the girls alone (I didnt know David had already taken the picture of them above)

Oh yeah, it was torture on Remy!

I mean, really. This cracks me up.

And she's done.

Time for nap!!

While Remy napped, I got our Easter lunch ready and my mom had to exchange something she'd just bought the day before that had broken. And during lunch-making, I seriously messed up my favorite cole slaw recipe AND part of the dessert. I don't know what's wrong with me this weekend! 

So after lunch we decided to distract the girls and give them their Easter baskets. We're not really consistent with Easter baskets each year. Sometimes they get them first thing in the morning, sometimes it's after church and lunch.

When Easter is late in the year, the bunny tends to get carried away and forgets what she already bought in Jan/Feb so she buys more! (And some of this is from Grandma too)

Remy's "Strawberry Shortcake" basket (all bought before her love of Lion King lol)

Rylie's "Frozen" basket. It's been a long month waiting to give her the DVD! And it took months to track down both of those dolls. 

More goodies for both girls.

She ran in so fast this is blurry but her face is priceless still!

She shrieked and jumped up and down when she saw the dolls!

Finally! I convinced her all month the DVD wasn't out yet lol

Loves her Strawberry Shortcake! Hopefully it'll be a nice break from Lion King (and Frozen which I'm sure will be watched daily now as well)

Got her "gwubs!"

Rylie kept cracking me up saying "this is the best day ever!!"

Then it was time for egg hunt in the backyard!

Found her prize egg! (Rylie's eggs were green, Remy's were orange/pink)

So with all the stress of our Easter weekend, I'm kind of glad to see a new week begin. My mom went home Sunday night after our show, The Good Wife and we just hope the next time she visits our streak of someone being sick will end. 
(Oh and I contacted the company who made Rylie's dress and I'm filing a defective item so they should replace or refund it.)

Hope yall had a good, less crazy Easter!

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