Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Gymnastics

Remy had a cute gymnastics class yesterday, all Easter-themed! 

They picked a basket of eggs to stand by, then 1 at a time picked an egg and had to do an activity towards the colored basket matching the color of egg they had.

Purple egg in purple basket!

Hopping back from one of the baskets.

Warmup time!

Obstacle courses...

forward roll

cartwheeling over bunny

bunny hops through trail of carrots

flipping over banner

bunny hopping over bonnets

backwards roll

walking up wall

climb up one side

slide down the other

pulled her feet up to the bunny on the bar

walking up mat again 

sitting with her teacher watching the other teacher demonstrate next obstacle

she was supposed to do "candlestick" with her legs straight up in air, but she pulled them all the way to her nose. 

jumping on trampoline then learned to jump on her knees

free play time! watching the other girls swing on the rope

then it was her turn! she must've done this 8 times!

Short video of her swinging on the rope

picture with giant bunny before leaving

time for stamps/stickers! and she got a sucker!

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