Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bluebonnets in the Rain

We decided to brave the bluebonnets this afternoon, when the sun wouldn't be blinding in our eyes. So I packed Rylie a change of clothes and we stopped by "the ditch" after dance class.

Just so you know, here's what I was working with. We were further down where it was really steep.
And it started raining on us when we arrived.

I still managed to get some cute pictures despite the girls freaking out about the drizzles and we made it back into the car without getting soaked. (It actually never rained more than just the annoying drizzle)

So here we have bluebonnet pictures 2014!

Remy's face cracks me up! She was DONE!

And this is hilarious....looks like Remy was tackling Rylie but really she went to hug her and Rylie slipped on the steep slope.

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Grandma said...

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful girls.