Thursday, March 13, 2014

You'll Find Me At The Movies

Yall, I'm so excited about so many movies coming to theaters this Spring/Summer!

 First, Veronica Mars comes out TOMORROW! 
I've waited for this moment since 2007 when they cancelled the awesome series after 3 years. (I've only rewatched every episode on DVD 100 times since then!)

And then there's my lust, Divergent coming out the following Friday, March 21! Our book club has planned a girls' night out to see it 2 weeks after it's released to avoid the crowds, but it's going to be hard waiting that long! I'm going to read the book again so I'll have a fresh memory of it before I see the movie.

Heaven is for Real is our next book for the book club and the movie comes out April 16!

This one....yall. If you're a mom, I demand you see this movie! We got some swag bags from the production company given to our MOPS groups that I got to take home. Seriously, I laugh and cry every time I watch the trailer! Moms' Night Out hits theaters May 9 (Mother's Day weekend!) and they're not paying to promote the movie. They're relying on word of mouth, so tell your peeps!

Watch the trailer here...

Maleficent is the story of how she became evil before cursing Princess Aurora in the Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty." Always one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid! This movie comes out May 30!

Everyone in book club has already read the The Fault in our Stars so it's next on my list and the movie comes out June 6!

The Giver movie comes out August 15! I've been wondering if they'd ever make a movie on this book I read in middle school (and reread again this January). I'm excited to see it portrayed on film.

Any movies you're looking forward to this year? 

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