Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Patricks Day!

We had a fun St Patty's yesterday!

I made Rylie a special lunch to surprise her with!

And just a small goody for her teacher!

Remy was SO GLAD to be back in gymnastics after Spring Break!

Watching her teacher demonstrate their obstacle

Pulling her body with her hands and her feet sliding behind her.

She was supposed to bear crawl with hands and feet on the lines but she wanted to jump over the sharks instead!

Donkey kicks! (Hands stay on floor while you kick your feet up. She's still working on doing that herself)

Stradle hold on bar all by herself!

And she started this new thing on the bars today? lol

Walk ups on the bar!

Teepee stand! This was tricky for her. She kept wanting to bend her legs.

And her favorite!! Free play at the end and jumping into the pit!

Just hanging out!

My cute little Irish girls!!

I made this awesome Shepherds Pie for dinner last night!!

Hope your day was lucky!

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