Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rest of our Spring Break

The girls wanted to "read" together on the chair Tuesday. On Wednesday Rylie was dressed so cute because we were supposed to have dinner with some family visiting from out-of-town but they had to cancel last-minute. :(

I finally did a project I've had on my list for years! DIY canvases of my favorite pictures of the girls from every year we've done family photos. I plan to keep adding to this wall every year!

Thursday we met a friend and her girl for lunch at Bills Cafe with an outside play area and the girls played for over 2 hours! I didnt get a single picture. I was enjoying "mommy talk time" more. lol

Speaking of pictures, I took my baby, I mean my camera in for it's operation, I mean repair this week. Going to be a long 20 days without it. :(

Yesterday afternoon the girls and I needed to get outside. Remy asked to ride her bike and she's finally able to reach the pedals allll the way!

Proud girl!

Then she thought running after Rylie would just be easier!

Rylie's gotten so good at her scooter since Christmas. She was trying to ride it "one legged" like in the last picture.

Then the girls just "raced" down the street and back. Remy practiced her gymnastics "beam" walking I guess. lol She's really been going crazy this week asking "go nastics? go church? go school? go mops?" allll week long!

Then our neighbor's cute boy brought his car out and Remy just invited herself for a ride! lol They were so cute. When it was time to come inside, she threw a fit and ran to our garage to the little police car and tried getting in. Sadly, it needs a new battery and we just kept forgetting about it during the Winter. 

Cant believe Spring Break's over! We have a fun weekend ahead and cute St Patty's Day plans too!

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