Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Raegan's 7th & Frozen Yogurt Treat

I'm behind on blogging. Again.

Saturday, March 1 I took Rylie to her bff Raegan's 7th birthday party.

She had a cute French poodle theme at our local painting place.

Raegan, her mom Sharon, and sister Lauren

Rylie had a choice between coffee cup, small plate, or ice cream dish. She insisted on the coffee cup! When I asked why she'd want a coffee cup, she answered "for Daddy." :)

She picked out 4 shades of blue to paint it and proudly went to work!

She wrote "Daddy's cup" on the outside when she was done.

The girls had pizza after painting. Yummy!

Then they sang to the birthday girl.

Cupcake and ice cream time!

Opening Rylie's gift-sets of earrings. Funny story-Raegan had opened some cute outfits before Rylie's gift and several of the girls said "Ohhhh you're so lucky!" and "I LOVE clothes!" But my Rylie said "I would go to school naked if I could!" LOL That child :)

Sweet Daisy Girl Scout friends!

Rylie and Raegan
I cannot believe she's already 7! I dont think I can allow Rylie to go past 6. Although I tried keeping her 4 and that didnt work!

A few nights later, Monday, David really wanted some frozen yogurt. Ignore the fact that it was 40 degrees outside.

The girls ate a good dinner and we finished early, so we got some Tutti Frutti real quick. Fun to do something spontaneous every now and then!

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