Monday, March 3, 2014

Old McDonald Field Trip

Friday, Rylie had her first Kindergarten field trip!

The class went to Old McDonald Farm! Rylie wanted to feed all the animals first!

This was an ugly animal I already forgot the name of. lol

This deer acted like he hasn't eaten in weeks!

He took the bag of food out of Rylie's hand and took off with it eating the entire bag (bag included)!

This ostrich looked like it was about to attack at any moment.

Waiting with her class girlfriends for the pony rides!

Me and my girl 

We were actually at Old McDonald Farm that same weekend 5 years ago for Raegan's second birthday party!

After visiting all the animals, Rylie just wanted to play in the sand with her friends.

It was freezing cold and drizzling rain the entire time we were there! They ate lunch then Rylie and I headed home to change clothes and get warm! She had a fun day with her class and teacher!

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grandma said...

Glad Rylie enjoyed her field trip. Looks like she had a lot of fun.