Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kai's Reptile 6th

Saturday I took the girls next door to our neighbor's birthday party!

Can I just say I've never gotten more cooperation from these 2 for a picture before!!

Kai is turning 6 and had a reptile party!

Now you'll have to excuse my photos for the next month while my good camera's getting fixed. During this party, my little camera died so I had to switch to cell phone and it wasnt easy getting any pictures with the light coming in.

They had a company bring real reptiles to the party!

The ladies talked about the animals first.

Then everyone got to touch them!

Alligator turtle and tortoise

Rylie's laughing and pointing to Remy who's under the blanket. Guess the turtles scared her more than the snakes! 

Alligator and crocodile!

At the end they let each kid take a turn holding the crocodile (?...I forget which it was?)

Remy wanted to help hold it too. Cutest thing!
It was very wiggly! I wasn't about to let Remy hold it on her own. She'd either squeeze it to death or let it go and they'd never catch it lol

Then the kids made picture frames. Rylie was so meticulous about the blue shapes!

Remy was loving the lions (go figure and red shapes!)

Then they had pizza!

And cake!

Lauren and Remy telling secrets during presents

Giggle boxes!

We had so much fun at the party!

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Colleen Oakes said...

That party looks so fun!!