Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grandma Visit and Gaga's Birthday

Last Thursday night my mom came in from Waco to spend a few days visiting the girls over part of Spring Break. We surprised Rylie when she woke up Friday morning with Grandma being here! (I feel bad, I'm uploading pictures today and I didnt get ONE photo of my mom with the girls during her visit. Sorry mom!) My mom went to MOPS with me Friday then we hurried home to catch Rylie at the bus stop.

They had celebrated Dr Seuss's birthday all week and her class represented the book "Go Dog, Go" in a parade and they made puppy ears for it.

My mom brought down some Girl Scout cookie flavors our region didnt sell! Yay!!

Saturday, Rylie helped me make my strawberry cake (Gaga's favorite) and we all went to Mimi's house.

To celebrate Gaga's birthday! (Notice Remy with more "gwubs" hehe) Rylie made Gaga some cute birthday cards.

I had gotten Gaga (but it's more for Rylie really) a little something to open. Clearly by this photo Rylie's excited about it!

Gnomeo and Juliet figurines and some "fairy house" pieces for them to use in Maine to make fairy houses together!

These girls love their Gaga and loved celebrating his birthday!

Sunday after church Rylie's Sunday School class had a get-together at a local pizza place for lunch. (This is where I started to not feel good and still thinking of the pizza I'd ordered makes me sick) :(

After lunch the kids went next door to paint a cross! Rylie wanted hers red.

Busy painting!

She added white polka dots over it and the place will write "Jesus Loves Me" on it. Cant wait to pick it up! It was so sweet of Rylie's Sunday School class to host this for them!

Remy just "loved" sitting aside watching Rylie paint. lol Poor girl wanted to paint too but I was not about to let her have free roam in a place full of breakable ceramics and open paint containers!

Sunday night we all wanted Mexican food so bad and my mom's never been to Chuy's, so we HAD to take her (and my stomach felt better after some good food!)

These girls were so cute after eating!

Sweetest sugars in the world!

Monday, my mom and Rylie and myself ran some errands while Remy stayed with Daddy. We took Rylie to the library and she did some school reading for over an hour! We checked out a bunch of books and then picked up some crafts. I also spent $4 at Dollar Tree to add some Irish flair to our entryway! My mom and I wanted to make some deco mesh Easter wreaths so we got all the supplies but she took hers home to make (didnt want it getting messed up on the trip back!) and mine's not finished yet. I'll post pictures when it's done!

Tuesday we'd planned a playdate lunch with friends at a local bbq place but none of them could make it afterall  so we took my mom for dinner instead. Another place she'd never been and NEEDED to experience!

Remy's school friend Asher was there with his family too! They were excited to see each other, although it was cute how they didnt recognize each other at first. Probably because they'd only seen each other in their classrooms before!

These girls played hard after a yummy bbq dinner!

My mom went back home this morning and my allergies got out of control today so we've just been hanging out. Hoping for more fun the rest of our Spring Break!

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