Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Girl Scout Sunday

Sunday we celebrated Girl Scout Sunday at our church! It was really a national day the previous Sunday, but since that was the start of Spring Break and a lot went out of town, we did it this week!

Rylie wanted to bring "Cookie" her GS bear too since "she's a Girl Scout too."

LOVE this cute shirt my friend Erin made! 
(Tagalongs is a GS name for any children not registered as a Girl Scout attending a GS event.)

I got video while my coleader took pictures on my small camera. The older girls, Cadettes and Seniors, brought in the colors.

Then the younger girls filed in behind them, oldest to youngest. So our Daisy girls were at the back. Rylie's in the big blue bow in the center with a huge grin :)

Here's the video I took. 
All the girls stood at the front and said the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law. Some notes-all the girls spread out very wide at the front so I couldn't fit them all in the shot and Daisy troops haven't memorized the law yet. They earn 1 petal for each line of the law and since we're still earning petals (3 more to go!) our girls are still learning the law. So they weren't saying it on stage.

After the service, we got ready for a My Promise, My Faith workshop the church hosted. 
(And apparently Remy's breaking into the church closet behind us.)

Our Daisies on the front row! The workshop might've been a little over their head and it was lunchtime by now, but each girl who participated earned their "My Promise My Faith" pin which means they promise to stand by their faith. Big deal for our Daisy troop!

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