Friday, March 21, 2014


1. I've lived in Texas since Dec 1991 (and love it here!) and I've never owned a cowboy hat or boots (and neither have my girls).

2. I really dislike lemon in my iced tea.

3. I cannot get on board with the aztec printed leggings. I just can't. (or any printed leggings or any aztec printed anything really)

4. I've never played Candy Crush Saga (you folks on FB know what I'm talking about!)

5. The fastest way to get my blood boiling is to poke me. Seriously, it makes me want to punch the person poking me immediately. Cannot. Stand. It.

6. I'm surrounded by newborns lately and baby fever is trying to get me! It's NOT going to happen though. But if you see me on the news for being kicked out of Target because I stopped every mom with a baby asking to hold it, don't be surprised okay?

7. I always thought the 1 job I could/would never do is be a school teacher. But I really do love being a Girl Scout troop leader and planning the activities, lessons, getting craft supplies together. It's been fun!

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