Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cell Phone Picture Dump

Saturday, February 15 the girls hanging outside at Mimi's house. Remy's obsession with "gwubs" (garden gloves) began.

The girls exhausted after shoe shopping that afternoon!

Both girls excited to wear their new shoes to school that week!

Remy working on her gymnastics on our stair banister on Feb 17. 

I took a photo of the desk Craig refurbished for me for Christmas and sent it to my mother in law to say how much I love it! I have some frames set aside I'm going to hang on the wall above it.

Rylie was so tired after dance class Feb 19! And Remy's friend handed down some clothes to her and she was eager to wear them right away.

After MOPS Feb 21, Remy and I joined friends for lunch. Remy was eagerly awaiting her friends to get there in the pretty weather!

Feb 24-Rylie really wants Elsa and Anna barbie dolls but they havent been in stores for months. She's great at improvising and used a Cinderella doll and Merida doll with Pocahontas cape and Belle dress to make them look like Elsa and Anna. Then she was acting out scenes from Frozen and singing "Let It Go" with the dolls.

Then a fight broke out over the dolls. lol

This was Remy Feb 26 watching The Lion King. It's her new favorite movie and every day she asks to "watch lion."

My friend Erin made this yard sign for my birthday gift and I barely sent her a photo of it last week! I love it! 

Last Thursday, Feb 27 Rylie had early release so I treated her to frozen yogurt treat before picking up Remy.

I dont remember the date of this one but it's just too cute to not share. She was excited to play outside, I remember. :)

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