Friday, March 28, 2014

5 On Friday

1. I'm on such a great MOPS team this year! 
Wednesday night we tried doing a dinner for just the ladies at my table. Only 3 of us could make it.

(And didn't the hostess do an awesome job getting that wonderful blur effect? hehe)

We had a leadership meeting today and wore pajamas! We also brought new pajamas to donate to a local organization that takes in battered women and children.

And we filled almost 1000 Easter eggs for our MOPS hunt!

2. This little tot is such a cute accomplice during the week!

I was trying to get a good picture before we left for my MOPS meeting this morning. She looks so pretty in pink. Then when we got home, she put my boots on and said "Daddy take picture?"

I got this video of her before heading home. She's trying to put her seatbelt on by herself now!

3. Rylie got some Summer clothes last week that I'm excited for her to wear soon!

She literally had ZERO shorts that fit and 1 swimsuit (bought on clearance from last year that I havent even tried on her). I only got Remy more pj's and a swimsuit to match Rylie's. Rylie was so precious when I set it all out to show her everything she has for Summer, she said "I cant believe I'm so lucky." Love her.

4. These sweet sisters are just the cutest. 
Remy started crying of the thunder we had tonight. When I opened her door, she said "thunder!" I sat with her and she said "Rylie upstairs?" I said she was in her room. Remy said "Rylie scared." I asked if she wanted to go to Rylie's room to check on her or have her come in here and she said she wanted Rylie. I went to Rylie's room to get her and found Rylie hiding (practically trembling) under the covers scared of the thunder too! They both got to lay in Remy's bed while the storm passed. They were being so cute and sweet and having a grand time, begging for a slumber party in Remy's room.

They were both so sad when it was time for Rylie to go back to her own room and both of them to go to sleep.

5. My shows that help me wind down at the end of the day.

LOVE "The Little Couple" on TLC. They are the cutest family-so sweet and funny!

"Kim of Queens" on Lifetime is hilarious! 

"Pretty Little Liars" on ABC Family just ended season 4 on another cliffhanger! Cant wait until June for it to return!

And "The Good Wife." Goodness. Still can't accept the big shocker that aired on Sunday.

Happy weekend!!

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