Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend with Wally

Rylie got off the school bus Friday with a special guest for the weekend!

Meet her class mascot "Wally!"
She's been anxiously waiting her turn to take Wally home for the weekend! I was so excited for her to finally have a turn!

Remy loved Wally too and always wanted to hold him when Rylie set him down.

Rylie has included Wally in everything this weekend! She started off with an after-school snack, new Lemon Oreos!

And read Wally all about Groundhog Day (Rylie's mad he saw his shadow today!)

Saturday, Wally came with us to Mimi's house!

And Rylie was excited to introduce Mimi to her class pet.
We dropped Remy off at Mimi's because it was her turn for a sleepover and we had a lot of big-girl things we needed to do with Rylie over the weekend.

We had lunch at Olive Garden, where Wally ate his share of spaghetti too.
We tried to get Rylie's haircut, but the place was closing early.

Rylie showed Wally what a Redbox is and they rented "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2." We've never seen the first one but the second was cute.
(Side note: Love Rylie's perfect pageant pose in the picture above!)

Wally ate all of Rylie's mint ice cream, so we had to get her another cup! They watched their movie together before bed.

I took this late at night.

She's SO sad Wally has to go back to school tomorrow! She said "Now I'll have zero chances of getting to bring him home." Pretty smart thought process, because her chance is now over.

Rylie and I have spent the day making her 100th day of school shirt, Valentine goodies for her class, goodies for Remy's class, goodies for their 4 teachers, and updating Wally's travel journal from our weekend. I've still got to make Rylie's Valentine shoebox for her school party and I dont even have Valentine decorations up in our house yet!

How did February get here so fast, yet Christmas feels like forever ago??

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