Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rylieroo Right Now

Cant forget our big girl!!

*Rylie was so excited to bring home her class mascot for a weekend, but that Mon she had to bring him back, she was so sad! She was crying in her bed that Mon night, holding her LeapPad with a picture of her and the mascot on there. Drama!! (David and I couldn't help but laugh. She's so cute.)
*She loves playing and teaching Remy new things. Remy was crying because Rylie and I were leaving for dance class and we got to the car and Rylie said "I feel bad for Remy." Sweetest heart.
*Loves her "Saige" doll and I finally mastered the twisted pontytail to match Saige's hair!

*Really loves "Frozen" right now and sings "Let It Go" NONSTOP. I'm sure all you with girls this age have the same scene in your homes right now. It's all the rage, it seems. Rylie wears her light blue Merida dress to pretend she's Elsa from Frozen and wants her hair in a french braid.

*Loving Kindergarten and cant' go a day without mentioning how much she loves her teacher. She hates when it's a school holiday. She loves having "homework" to do and has made a 100 on every spelling test so far. We're also on perfect attendance so far too with zero tardies-yay!!

*She hasn't shown as strong a love for dance as she used to. In the fall it kinda dwindled. I think she's burned out on it and the fact that she now does late afternoon class across town after starting school full-time has taken it's toll. We're just going to finish up this session and see where she wants to go from there.
*She brought home another Wizard of Oz happy meal toy from her school's treasure box and I said, "Rylie, we donated this to the treasure box because you have 4 of the tinman already." And her response was so matter-of-factly stated, "Well, now we have 5."
*Her favorite part of school is music and recess. She'll play anything with any friend. She just loves to play and make friends and she really is friends with everyone. I love that about her.

*She's gotten so much better at eating more! She's still skin and bones, but she has way more listed on "food she'll eat" list! Currently her favorite is spaghetti, chicken pot pie, sloppy joes (remember she wouldn't go near the red sauce foods at one time??), macaroni and cheese, chicken enchiladas, soup, meatloaf.
*She's on a weird eating schedule with school though. She usually doesnt want breakfast (sometimes we insist she eat a waffle, granola bar, yogurt, something!) She eats breakfast at 10:15am, has school snack at 1pm, then comes home starving at 2pm (after eating all her lunch and snack at school). So she has a bowl of cheerios and sometimes something small too after school. We eat dinner about 6pm.
*She loves Girl Scouts and takes it very seriously! I'm so glad she's loving it. She did GREAT at cookie sales and said "I'm so glad you're my leader."
*Still doing cartwheels around the house constantly.

That's all I can remember about our big girl right now!

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