Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remy's Valentine Gymnastics

We switched Remy's gymnastics last week to Mondays. SO much easier not having too many things piled up on Wednesdays! Remy had a cute class this week.

First they had to run to the heart across the floor, pick up a Valentine card and read what it said, then do that activity across the floor and put the card in their heart box.

Remy pretty much ran every time, but she did bear crawl, tiptoe, and attemped to gallop.

Then it was warmup time! She's gotten so much better at this!

Ready to do "safety fall!"


Bars-her favorite! Swinging over to kick the Valentine heart (then she hugged it after, kinda like a "i'm sorry I just kicked you" kinda hug)

Hop up on mat, hop down on heart

Cartwheel over Valentine lion

Backwards roll

Hop down on heart

Hopping in Valentine bag!

Freeplay = running on the trampoline and then falling on purpose and laughing hysterically :)

Trying a new way to get on the bars

Time for stamps! Amazing how fascinated they are with stamps lol

She got a Valentine sucker too and you know she loved that!

These photos are horrible of me, but Rylie came home from school not feeling well so I'd been laying with her and Remy was fussing at David while he was trying to make our chili for dinner. I went to the kitchen to make the cornbread and Remy was just fussing, whining "I wan make cor bed too." All that girl wanted was to help us make dinner! Once we realized that's all she was whining for, I held her and let her help me with the cornbread.

She was BEAMING the whole time! She kept saying "I wan help more!"

Look at that proud smile on her face! Poor sugar just wanted to be a big helper and we thought she was just fussing because she was ready to eat!

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