Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remy Updates: 2 years 5 months

Remy's almost 2 1/2 now and doing so many cute things I don't want to forget about this age!

*She's talking so much more now! I know I say that every time, but her vocabulary has exploded overnight!
*She makes the "ya" sound for "L" (ie Yet me see! I yove you.)

*She love her school and "nastics" and just leaving the house in general. She says often "I wan go store, Mommy."
*She's really great with manners. When we tell her "thank you" she says "Oh, you're welcome!" And when she doesn't want something, she says "No, thank you!"
*She's very curious and asks questions about things like "Ah, how come Daddy?" or "Why you do that, Daddy?"

(Scared of the hand dryers at Target!)

*She tells us when she's gone potty and needs a diaper change. (We're not starting potty training yet!)
*She's so funny, she'll make a statement like "I hungry." And we'll say "Oh you're hungry?" And she'll look you straight-faced, dead on and say "No." Which is it, child?! lol
*Her main mission in life is to sneak into Rylie's room and play with her stuff, I swear.
*She can count to 12, knows her ABC's, knows her shapes and colors.
*She sings all the time!
*Always smiling and laughing at everything! I've never met a more happy child before.
*She loves copying everything Rylie says/does. Little mocking bird!

*If Remy wakes up before Rylie leaves for school in the morning, she cries when Rylie leaves. We try to get her to sleep until after Rylie leaves, but she still asks for her every morning and goes to her bedroom door looking for her sister.

*I just love her little voice, talking so matter-of-factly like "What ya doin, Daddy? Oh you cookin? Ok, Daddy."
*Loves calling people on the phone.
*Loves puppies and kitties.
*Not a great eater like she used to be. She wants waffles every morning for breakfast and pretty much jelly sandwich, chicken nuggets, or mac n cheese for lunch. She loves applesauce and fruit cups and yogurt too.

*She's still a climber! She's learned to move a chair to the kitchen counter to stand on, climb on top of the counter, stand up and get things from the upper cabinets! Nothing's safe in our house!
*She's obsessed with her "phone" (my old cell phones). She wants it in her jeans pocket and always asks "where's my phone?!"
*Bedroom's still empty, but we added picture frames back to her dresser hutch shelves. Still no light in her bathroom and water's still turned off. Still has locks on the doors. lol
*Just getting interested in coloring recently, but it's just scribbling. She love stickers too and getting stamps at gymnastics and mops.
*She has so much energy, I feel like we can never wear her out! Like she needs to be doing hard-core gymnastics for 2 hours to get close to wearing her out. She is so strong and just goes and goes and goes! I wish she could do a gymnastics class for 3 hours a day with me watching just to channel and release all that energy! (Or hey, share some of it, girl!)
*Started to respond with "I nont know."

That's all I can remember about our Remy right now!

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