Monday, February 24, 2014

Love, Hug, and Groom

Saturday we had a Girl Scout field trip with Rylie's Daisy troop!
We carpooled with a few other Daisies.
We took the troop to a horse farm that's owned by the Girl Scout council.
The girls were ecstatic to see the horses when we arrived!
Group photo! (1 girl couldn't make it)
Troop with the leaders
It was so pretty!

We took a tour of the camp first.


They have cabins on site where girls can camp during the Summer

Showing the girls the rooms they can stay in when they get older

Raegan and Rylie

Then it was time to see the horses!

The girls got to groom and pet them

Rylie was so cute and excited!

All the girls wanted to braid the horse's mane!

The barn with the 3 horses they got to visit.

This is how you can see like a horse sees.

Older Girl Scouts take care of the camp and barn. They gave us a tour of the whole place.

They learn tricks on this pummel horse for the rodeo and parades.

Where horses get Dr checkups.

Helmet and boot room

Classroom where the girls take tests to move up a level on what they're allowed to do, etc.
Rylie had so much fun and we were all exhausted. We packed picnic lunches and ate then handed out patches the girls earned for the trip. Looking forward to more fun things planned this Spring!

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