Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So I used to read A LOT in Elementary/Middle school. Like, every Babysitter's Club, RL Stine, Lois Duncan, Nancy Drew, etc reading nonstop. For some reason, I stopped in high school. I was probably too busy working 2 part-time jobs and taking college classes to read "for fun" at that point. But I've always kinda wished I could get back into it, but never committed the time. Until now! I've read 5 books since January 1st and I'm halfway through my 6th! Sometimes, you just need to find a  good book to draw you into it's world, where you can get lost in it for hours. I love when I find a good book like that. (And yes, I have to have regular books. I love holding it and flipping the pages and the smell of books. Dork, I know! But that way I don't have to charge the Kindle to read or fight Rylie for it. Hehe!)

So, in case you're looking for some good reads, here's 6 great books I recommend!

The Giver - I started with a book I read in 6th grade, to renew my love of reading.

Sparkly Green Earrings - Very funny memoir! Looking forward to reading her next book that just released this week, Antelope in the Living Room. 

A Wedding Renewal in Sweetwater, Texas - I honestly just bought this because it was $3 at Half Price Books (where I also found the top 2 books-my favorite store!) It was cute though!

And the Divergent Trilogy! OH. MY. GOSH. I'm hooked! I only bought this because I joined a neighborhood book club with some ladies I know and this was the next book chosen. But I loved it so much, I ran out and bought the next two!

I just finished Insurgent and I'm halfway through Allegiant.
And I'm even more excited the movie, Divergent is coming out next month!!

I held back on watching the trailer until I read the book, and it looks like it'll be a great depiction of the book! The cast looks perfect to me!

I have no clue how any book can follow the great trilogy, but I'm hoping I'll find one to keep up my reading streak! Any suggestions?

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