Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Eve and day and the day after

We had a low-key New Year's Eve in our house. 

We ordered in Chinese and watched the ball drop in New York and played games with Rylie until midnight. She actually made it until then! Funny story, I'd bought her some sparkling white grape juice to have something special to "toast" with at midnight. She took a sip and said "this is burning my tongue!" Rylie's never had soda before and wasnt used to the carbonation! I hadnt even thought about that lol

New Year's Day we all slept in and just hung around the house. We watched the Baylor game that night (so sad!) and Remy learned to "Sic 'em bears!" hehe

The day after New Year's Day I had to get my car inspected and new tires. Me, my mom, and Rylie also went to see "Frozen." OMG we loved that movie!! I cried at the beginning though. The sisters reminded me so much of Rylie and Remy. But it's really a hilarious movie overall and just so sweet. Then we had a good dinner at Sharky's, my mom's favorite place to eat when she's down here. She had to go back home on the 4th and it was so weird no having company after 2 weeks of her staying with us! We'd all just been in our own little bubble those 2 weeks feeling sick off and on. It was strange getting back out in public after that lol

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~Shelly~ said...

Yay for learning to "sic em bears!!" hehe!! Presley says "Sic a buh" lol
Cute pics!