Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013

And another year has come to an end!

Our 2013 had some hard days. I feel like I've said that about the past 4 years in a row, but it's true. I'm tired of being glad another rough year is over. There are many things I don't talk about on here or to my friends, but if you knew where I was coming from, you'd understand. So please, 2014 let's break this streak and have a good year for a change!

There have been some blessings in 2013 and we certainly don't take anything for granted! Here's a look back on some good times in 2013.

In January, Remy got her 1st haircut and I had a good 27th birthday.

February, I embraced Valentine's Day and had a sweet day with my family. We also visited Waco for our friends' daughter's 1st birthday and saw my nephews. And Rylie and David went to a "Daddy-Daughter Dance" at our church.

March was busy with Spring Break with my mom visiting, kick-starting Spring, Easter fun, and Bluebonnet pictures!

April was so fun with the Brandon Heath concert, trip to Ft Worth to visit friends, and both Kindermusik and Dance classes ended.

May was busy with Rylie's Spring Recital, Parent Brunch at school, Mother's Day, 50's Day at school, Pre-K Graduation, and Water Day as school ended for the Summer! My mom also visited for Memorial Day weekend. We took Rylie to a fun day at the Disney Store and Rainforest Cafe in lieu of a graduation celebration and we kicked off some water fun in our backyard!

 June was so fun with David's birthday, Julee's baby shower with friends, Remy's 1st MDO, Father's Day, Mimi's birthday, and the first of three VBS's Rylie attended.

July started off with our annual trip to Maine! Then Rylie said goodbye to her best friend Kendall. 

We also filled our Summer (June-August) with MOPS leadership planning, Bible Study, days at the library, Rylie/Mommy dates, and getting ready for Kindergarten.

August also included my family reunion in Ft Worth and visiting friends before our last swim of the Summer! Rylie started Kindergarten and was back in dance class and Remy moved to toddler bed.

September started with Remy's preschool prep and gymnastics. She also started MOPS with me, and turned 2! Rylie and I both joined Girl Scouts too!

October kicked off Fall with a tea party Rylie attended with Raegan, her ballerina birthday party, the pumpkin patch with the girls, Rylie turned 6, and we had a lot of Halloween fun!

November started with Rylie's Daisy troop attending the Disney on Ice, both girls had cute school Thanksgiving feasts, Rylie became an official Daisy, we had a great family Thanksgiving, and Dina arrived with a special Christmas kickoff!

December was so full of Christmas fun starting with Rylie's Winter Recital, the Nutcracker Ballet (after someone anonymously paid for our dinner-highlight of the year!), hosting a Women's Tea at church, and so many parties, family visits, getting sick, and Santa visits before a laid-back Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Come on, 2014!!! Let's have a great year, please!

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