Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finish the sentence

We've honestly not had much going on this week. The weather's been up and down, but that's not new in Houston. It was in the 20's Friday with ice/snow predicted so they cancelled school/MOPS/everything for the day. Rylie was so mad there wasn't snow to make a "snow angel" in. We stayed inside cleaning and doing laundry. Today it's like 70 out and I woke up with a sinus migraine. They're predicting more "winter" weather Tuesday. No wonder everyone's allergies are crazy!

So since I've got nothing else to blog about, I thought I'd do the "finish the sentence" post from Ruthie Hart's blog.

1. I first felt like a grown up...after Rylie was born and I was fully responsible for her schedule and having to stand up to people who wanted to touch her (strangers, yuck!) when she was a baby and making her well when she was sick.

2. I am one of a kind because...I'm Rylie and Remy's mommy and David's wife! Other ladies/people may have the same house, clothes, car, but nobody else is mommy to these precious girls or married to my David!


3. a pretty great invention, but too hot to wear in Houston and kinda uncomfortable! If I want to fit into a smaller size, then I'd rather just lose the weight and make it permanent! Motivation to get back to where I once was....

4. My favorite family tradition...our yearly family photos. We started after Rylie was born and have taken them every year since.

5. The last thing I do before bed is...double-check the girls are sleeping ok on the video monitor! Thank goodness for those!

6. Happiness is...having nothing to stress over or worry about. To be completely secure and thankful and not want what you don't have.

7. If I could make anything grow on trees, it would be...well, I hate to say the obvious, but money. Not to be rich, but you need money to survive. However, if I had to pick something besides money, I'd say a miracle medicine to cure cancer/aids/any illness anyone could ever have!

8. I can't stop smiling...when I look at baby pictures of Rylie and Remy and remembering how little they were. I never think of the bad days when I look at their pictures. I only remember the sweet moments and those cute chubby baby arms and cheeks!
Rylie, 3 months- Remy, 8 months

9. I get back to nature by...visiting Maine! I'm not a big nature person but mostly because of allergies and Houston humidity/heat make it unbearable to be outside. That's not the case in Maine. This is my view outside the bedroom we stay in at Mimi and Gaga's up there.

10. I dread washing...bathrooms! They never seem to stay clean! Here's an inspiration photo from that makes me want to clean!

Ok, now yall's turn! Finish the sentences!

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