Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rylie Q&A

I kept forgetting to do this at the beginning of the year, so better late than never! Here's Rylie's January interview-age 6! 

Last year's answers are listed first. This year's are in all caps.

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite toy? 

pocahontas toys
3. What is your favorite fruit? 

4. What is your favorite TV show?

loralei (gilmore girls)
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? 

jelly sandwich
6. What is your favorite outfit? 

a pocahontas one
THAT VERY LONG DRESS (a summer one she wore last year and has been dying to wear lately but it's spaghetti straps and too cold)
7. What is your favorite game? 

barry steakfries (jetpack joyride on the kindle fire. not sure why she's nicknamed it lol)
TROUBLE (board game)
8. What is your favorite snack?

graham crackers
9. What is your favorite animal?

i like to play with a monkey
10. What is your favorite song? 

just around the riverbend (from pocahontas) and go tell it on the mountain (from chapel at school)
"LET IT GO" (From new movie "FROZEN")
11. What is your favorite book? 

a frog and toad one
12. Who is your best friend? 

13. What is your favorite sport? 

i do not play with any sports
GYMNASTICS (she doesnt take a class, she just does cartwheels everywhere we go)
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? 

outside playing
15. What is your favorite drink? 

chocolate milk
16. What is your favorite holiday? 

17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?

my pocahontas doll and lovey
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? 

cheerios, yogurt
CHEERIOS (although on school days she refuses to eat anything we give her)
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? 

chicken pot pie
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?

a police lady

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finish the sentence

We've honestly not had much going on this week. The weather's been up and down, but that's not new in Houston. It was in the 20's Friday with ice/snow predicted so they cancelled school/MOPS/everything for the day. Rylie was so mad there wasn't snow to make a "snow angel" in. We stayed inside cleaning and doing laundry. Today it's like 70 out and I woke up with a sinus migraine. They're predicting more "winter" weather Tuesday. No wonder everyone's allergies are crazy!

So since I've got nothing else to blog about, I thought I'd do the "finish the sentence" post from Ruthie Hart's blog.

1. I first felt like a grown up...after Rylie was born and I was fully responsible for her schedule and having to stand up to people who wanted to touch her (strangers, yuck!) when she was a baby and making her well when she was sick.

2. I am one of a kind because...I'm Rylie and Remy's mommy and David's wife! Other ladies/people may have the same house, clothes, car, but nobody else is mommy to these precious girls or married to my David!


3. Spanx...is a pretty great invention, but too hot to wear in Houston and kinda uncomfortable! If I want to fit into a smaller size, then I'd rather just lose the weight and make it permanent! Motivation to get back to where I once was....

4. My favorite family tradition...our yearly family photos. We started after Rylie was born and have taken them every year since.

5. The last thing I do before bed is...double-check the girls are sleeping ok on the video monitor! Thank goodness for those!

6. Happiness is...having nothing to stress over or worry about. To be completely secure and thankful and not want what you don't have.

7. If I could make anything grow on trees, it would be...well, I hate to say the obvious, but money. Not to be rich, but you need money to survive. However, if I had to pick something besides money, I'd say a miracle medicine to cure cancer/aids/any illness anyone could ever have!

8. I can't stop smiling...when I look at baby pictures of Rylie and Remy and remembering how little they were. I never think of the bad days when I look at their pictures. I only remember the sweet moments and those cute chubby baby arms and cheeks!
Rylie, 3 months- Remy, 8 months

9. I get back to nature by...visiting Maine! I'm not a big nature person but mostly because of allergies and Houston humidity/heat make it unbearable to be outside. That's not the case in Maine. This is my view outside the bedroom we stay in at Mimi and Gaga's up there.

10. I dread washing...bathrooms! They never seem to stay clean! Here's an inspiration photo from Houzz.com that makes me want to clean!

Ok, now yall's turn! Finish the sentences!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lauren's 3rd Birthday & Other Misc...

We haven't been up to a whole lot the past week. It's the first time since November we haven't had something going on every night of the week so I'm glad for the calm!

We have been busy with Girl Scout cookie sales! Rylie's just hit her goal, which is all we really wanted. Not trying to break a record here! It's been exciting for her and I'm really proud with how she's taken charge and doing it pretty much on her own.

Last Friday, Rylie and Raegan were playing outside and did NOT want to stop at dinnertime. David wanted to use his Denny's giftcard and the girls really wanted to eat dinner together so it was the first time we brought along a friend! They had their "big girl" table and did so well. It was pretty fun! Then they begged the whole drive home to have a slumber party! Guess we're reaching that age! It would have worked out to do one except the next morning was Raegan's little sister's birthday party.

The party was at Build A Bear! Rylie and Raegan picked matching Girl Scout bears!

Remy and her soft little bear

All the kids making wishes on hearts for Lauren's bear

The birthday girl!

Lined up for stuffing!

Girl Scout bear (named "Cookie") is stuffed!

Little tot stuffing her bear

All the kids with their finished products

Then we went to the food court for lunch and cupcakes

Lauren's mom, Sharon had these cute bear cookies made too

Kiddo table

Singing to the birthday girl! Thanks for inviting us Lauren! Cant believe you're already 3!

Sunday morning I got Remy up and all she wanted was Rylie. She went straight over to her on the little couch and snuggled beside her.

They stayed like this for awhile. Sweetest thing.
Then after I took these pictures Rylie said "my stomach feels like it's going to throw up." So we stayed home from church. Thankfully she never did. I think she was just so hungry because she never eats!

We ended up doing nails and Remy got hers done for the first time!! I know....I know....Remy's 2 years old and I've never done them, but I was doing Rylie's when she was 1. Well, Rylie was a lot more STILL than Remy! lol But Remy thought she was big stuff getting hers done and has wanted to show everyone we see and holds her foot up and says "nails?"

I've somewhat worked on my Christmas scrapbook this week. I make a page every year with our Christmas card, family photo, and tree with gifts from Santa. This is actually the only page that's done! I've got the paper and decals for the other years though. Just need to put it together. Makes a nice coffee table book for December!

Yesterday I did my "organization task" from my last MOPS meeting. We had a professional organizer come speak to us and we all picked 1 spot to organize in our home. This was the girls' craft cabinet. It really needs organizing once a week because they'll just throw stuff in there! But I cleaned it out good yesterday and hopefully it'll stay this way awhile since I threw out a LOT that was just clutter.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Start of 2014, Melinda's Farewell, and My Birthday!

Tuesday, Jan 7 both girls started back at school. It was like 20-something degrees that day too! Remy looked so cute bundled up before we headed out.

Thur, Jan 9 was my 28th birthday! There was a beautiful, full rainbow outside our kitchen window that morning. I spent the day running errands while the girls were in school, lunch at Panera, and then Girl Scouts meeting that night! Rylie was so cute and woke me up asking me "what kind of party do you want?" She always makes someone feel so special on their birthday and called me "birthday girl" all day!

Fri, Jan 10 Remy and I returned to MOPS! I'd found this outfit on clearance last week for $15 total and made a bow last-minute. She just looked so grown up!

That evening we dropped the girls off at Mimi's and David took me out for a birthday dinner.

Love me some PF Chang's!

Then we roamed around Half Price Books for awhile lol I love that store! I found a few treasures there.

Sat, Jan 11 we picked up the girls and went to our friend's going away party. They're moving to Tokyo tomorrow!! :'( Melinda is such a great person and sweet friend. She was my MOPS table leader the year I had Remy. She's really been there for me on some rough days. I'm really going to miss her! She also lived just a few streets away so I'm bummed I cant just meet up last-minute anymore.

Rylie and Melinda's daughter Allison were sweet friends and loved to play together. So I knew Rylie would want to be there Saturday night. Cant believe how fast it's all happened with their transfer, and home selling, and heading out. Hopefully they'll be back someday!

Sun, Jan 12 the girls looked so pretty dressed for church.

That night some girlfriends took me out for a girls' night birthday dinner at my choice-Cheddars! See the Dunkin Donuts box I'm holding? One of the ladies gave it to me as a gift.....

And this was inside! Haha! It was seriously the most hilarious night with these ladies and so much fun! I'm so blessed to have them as friends!

This morning I heard Remy singing and looked over to see her sitting on the windowsill behind the curtain! Cutest little thing.

I feel like we're finally back into the groove of things after the holidays now!