Friday, December 20, 2013

Visiting "Home" For Christmas

Saturday, December 14 we drove up to my hometown Valley Mills. We haven't been in 2 years! I've been so homesick. It was a big deal for me and meant a lot to be able to make it. So glad we did!

 We visited with Casey's parents for awhile first. It's been too long since we've seen them and they've never met Remy. Rylie was a baby when we saw them last. It was so good to see them!

Finally made it to my aunt's house! Rylie loves seeing "baby Jesus" they have at my aunt's!

Trying to get a picture of both girls in the nativity set wasnt easy!

We had the biggest turn out this year than we've had in a long time! I was so glad to see all my cousins and their little ones. This was an attempt to get all the babies/kids in a picture! Not easy with 10 little ones!

This just cracks me up! I cant show the full photo of what my cousin was doing behind us that made us laugh.

All the cousins minus Eric, Jodi, and Karen who we never see anymore.

Reminded me of all the cousins with our Grandma a long time ago!

My dad's kids' families. My dad was the only one who couldn't come this year. I was so bummed to not see them.

The little ones starting on their presents!

It was so crazy with tissue paper and bows flying everywhere as they opened their gifts!

We ended up spending the night unexpectedly. Everyone just crashed in their clothes and the next morning we headed out! My aunt's beautiful house Sunday morning!

Heading into Valley Mills. My aunt's house is out on a hill in the country.

I just love this little town.

And it's one little traffic light.

And the little 2 lane highway with Christmas decorations on the lamp posts.

And this beautiful historical house in town.

We stopped to visit Casey before heading out too.

Farewell Valley Mills until next time!

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