Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snow Day!

Sunday, December 21 my mom and I took the girls to church while David worked. Then we took the girls to a Snow Day at Remy's school (church)! We've never made it to this before and one of Rylie's wishes for Christmas was snow. This was the best I could do to make that happen! lol

They had a huge mound of snow for the kids to play in. The girls loved it!

Trying to get a picture of them both in line for the snow sledding slide or "tabogoning" as Rylie called it from Caillou.

It's their turn!

There they go!


So cute!!

They flew down that hill! lol Look how Rylie's holding her sissy. Melts my heart. Remy cried at the end. I think it scared her. We went inside for pizza, cocoa, candy, and crafts to thaw off. When we were heading out the line for the sledding was so short, Rylie asked to go again by herself.

Loving it!!

So glad she could at least have a few hours to play in some snow, even if we didnt have a full snow day for her to make a "snow angel" like she wanted!

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